Celebrating Family

Celebrating Family

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Dec 21, 2012 What did the Mayans know that may benefit us?

Dec 21, 2012 What did the Mayans know that may benefit us?.

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Dec 21, 2012 What did the Mayans know that may benefit us?

I started this year of 2012 in an eight day silent retreat. When i came out I felt clear and ready for this “new” vibration happening on our planet.

I have changed my day to day patterns to benefit my highest potential and in turn have gained the energy and the quality of giving I have always prayed for..

Throughout this entire year my experience of what i see to be different and true through the behavior of my students; my clients; my friends and myself is that challenges that are presented to us are easier resolved. They seem to be processed quicker then I have ever known. What sometimes could be years or months of anguish over a relationship ending or a job dissolving, is now felt, insight & lesson gained and therefore resolved.

I have experienced people with longtime addictions of smoking, drinking, drugs or those that are living on an emotional roller coaster; suddenly STOP.  As if the addiction left them..they didn’t have to leave it.

I have always taught that Intention is everything! Perhaps in all of these cases I witnessed their soul’s asked for help, the intention became clear. And the habit disappeared as if by a “Miracle”…I am a believer of Miracles.

I had a conversation the other day. I said as a child I felt quite isolated and didn’t experience the guidance i needed from the humans around me, Yet I never doubted the existence of a higher power..God…the Universe, Angels (however you name it, it’s all the same). As I am more mature now I view this childhood ‘absence’ as a gift(it took years to see it as that)..Maybe if I did have someone fully their for me  I may have been more dependent on them and their opinions instead of my own ‘gut feelings’. Perhaps I would not have such “Unshakable Faith” in spirit/God (I want to add this is not saying their were not people i loved dearly around me, yet my soul needed a specific ‘food’. My expectation of the depth, intensity & quality of Love I felt should have been given to me  wasn’t ever felt, it never went deep enough to reach my soul….This depth of love is our ‘birthright’.

I was always aware on some level of this collective presence..God…

Now being in 2012 and close to the end of this auspicious year. We are faced with December 21, 2012 being the last day written by Mayans in a calender measuring human time on the planet. The prophecy of this date states” The world as we know it will no longer be.” Some may view this as the end of the world like “Revelations”..What I am feeling so strongly is our mind/consciousness is processing in light years..quantum moments…we are beyond what we have previously known as a measure of time..

I believe that date or roughly around that date which is soon. That is may be some sort of time marker division.

I am getting many flashes of insight and messages saying I must tell  as many people about what i am experiencing.. to give them a chance…?

My advise to ALL out there ..regardless if you think I am coo coo or not…If you have any negative patterns that you have been wanting to change NOW is the time..I believe that after the ‘shift’ into the new measure of time ie..December 22 on..it may be too late. I believe a line is being drawn…It has been said “The light will get lighter the dark will get darker” I feel after that time any intentions and changes not already under way will not be able to transform. And whatever state you are in will be accelerated beyond a speed never experienced. Those with negative thought will be 1000 fold, those with clear thought and intention will manifest so. After that date it may be too hard to accomplish?..It’s like NOW is a wave that is supporting the strength of our true soul’s purpose..I also feel that it applies to any positive patterns and habits you have ‘always’ wanted to incorporate Start it now to the best of your ability with a pure heart and pure intention…Some life tools that may be of value such as…Start exercising regularly 3-5 times a week…Start Meditating or Prayer some sort of consistent daily practice…Diet..keep it clean..protein. healthy fats fresh fruits & Veggies with clean whole grains..(no processed foods & sugars). If you need emotional stability try Motherwort tincture..it’s mother in a bottle (good kine mommy : ) ) Journal 10-20 minutes every day…Take your supplements and always always laugh ..play and don;t take yourself so seriously..we are here to learn and grow and be humbled along the way…

Ask for help when you need it!  People are too engrossed in their own stuff to notice..Communicate clearly….Ask for hugs they are the best medicine around..Get pets….

PLEASE PLEASE read this twice..See if it rings true even a bit and if it does,( Just maybe I may have a direct line to GOD: ))…

STOP NOW what no longer serves you in thoughts, habits, behaviors or beliefs and be courageous enough to  start new..in this new time in life..Believe in Miracles make the intention…!!!

Another fabulous class is graduating this Friday(i will miss them, i appreciate all of them past, present & future) we are doing a little gathering and i suggested a “Release Ceremony” (thank you OHI)I asked everyone attending to write on a piece of paper the issue that is up most for them ; preventing them from going forward and being their maximum joy and expression; and whatever habit, thought, believe or pattern they are ready to’ Let Go Of’  that is what they write on their paper and when the intention is clear, quietly throw it in the fire for all to witness & allow it to rise to the heavens…Allow the absence of this lower energy to be filled with the highest way..the Highest of Character…the highest vibration and collective consciousness..

You all can do your own version of a release ceremony..The time is appropriate..

As a side note.. I walk my talk…..be kind..be clear..be free. happy holidays happy new life..

*I didn’t write this to promote myself I hope I gave enough basic information to help yet I am available for counseling sessions if needed $60 an hour $100 for 2 hours…I will give you concrete homework…Or better take my Esthetician or Massage class and have classmates & teachers to support the New You….Blessings Samana

Blessings to All..

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Remember the Value of Adversity….

I have always believed adversity is a tool to carve away all that is false. A great prioritize r .It helps us to see ‘what we are truly made of ‘.

In order to meet an adversity as opposed to avoid it, ignore it or be part of the sticky unconscious mess of it.  We need to dig deep within ourselves to see what qualities of character are within. Many times these lay dormant till the right challenge presents itself. How do we know what life tools are in our tool box unless we go inside to see what is there?

We then emerge armed with whatever tool is necessary to strength us and see a creative resolution.

Adversity can come in the form of conflict, blocks or the feeling of not being supported.

It can be disguised as the ending of a relationship, home or career. It sometimes feels like the rug is pulled out from under you. Many times I have been in circumstances that feel ‘tight’ & challenging. One could feel it can’t get worse then the floor drops out and their is less reality to stand upon.

Yet we do not act towards harmony. We do not act to care for ourselves by resolving the adversity or moving away from it. Why?

We wait till ‘it happens to us’. We repeat our patterns.  We expect the other players to behave differently, yet the ‘opportunity’ to grow depends on how we act…

As I am getting older & hopefully wiser. It is the repetition of experience that becomes the foundation for change. I believe it is not how often we fall it’s how quickly we get up..We get frustrated and beat ourselves up for doing the same thing over and over. Yet it’s apparent that a ‘review’ is needed till we really GET IT.. Seeing clearly the cause and effect of one’s actions and therefore choices. It becomes significant To review a pattern, some lifelong and very familiar..Different faces same bottom line!!!

To sit back and feel and fully look at what occurred and why again? THIS IS THE GIFT OF ADVERSITY. If one just distracts and drinks it, eats it, computers it, shops it, or numbs it away in some fashion, then the circumstance of adversity becomes nothing more then suffering. And you get to be the victim..which their is no power or growth in that space.

Yet to see the gift is the ‘review’ of our actions/choices…NOT the other person’s involved yet your own…This is ruthless self honesty and the potent, fertile time of insight…Insight dissolves the bonds of habits and patterns.

So Blessings to all who have hurt you, disappointed you or never really seen you. They are the teachers who bring with them this ‘adversity’.

Be grateful it didn’t work out as you planned. Your higher self is always looking out for you even when you are asleep.

Look not at the individual because they are no more then a prop; a mere actor in the play of life your mind projects. Look within to see what was the quality of character that was exhibited by you? and do you like that quality within yourself? If the answer is yes then you validated an aspect of yourself to be proud of. If the answer is no, then be compassionate with your ego; in spite of it of course; and look, review & change for the better….

Try, Try Again…

To feel the humility and really stay with the feeling and accept fully all you have done, with no blame to the other. Just to allow yourself to mourn the idea, that never became; to feel the truth of being totally alone; to be quiet and listen to the sounds of the birds, of the wind of your breath and when you stop fighting and questioning why or stop grasping for anything!

To finally accept what is and be clear…To me this feels like God embracing me.

The Value of adversity..This is the gift that hides inside waiting for each one of us to meet it and therefore meet ourselves.

To form new neurological pathways in the brain one must do behaviors that are new. As above (brain) so below (actions).

I hope sharing my own sorrows, vulnerabilities and insights may help anyone who needs support. Even if it isn’t any new information just a review 🙂

Blessings With much tenderness and compassion of how hard it is to be human…Do the work any ways…….Feel, Accept, Move forward…

Be Free…….

Samana Benedetti

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Stepping beyond the Looking Glass…

Every relationship in our life is merely a reflection of seeing deeper into ourselves.. We can not see what we do not know…

If one could remember this and see their significant other; friend; parent or even pet as an indicator of what’s going on inside themselves in the current moment …life of projection and delusion would be obsolete.

As I notice myself make a judgement or a thought defining the actions of someone, i stop and ask what is causing this to come up in this moment and i step back and welcome the personal insight. “This must be me..” “Am I doing that to others?”

The man i am living with and dating is such a clear reflection of myself. Either i have matured enough to live this phenomenon as truth or he is closer to my true self and therefore easier to see subtler aspects of my behavior and patterns.

I know from years of counseling both receiving and giving, that it is also a truth that any trauma that an individual can experience can be fully healed, no matter how horrific with two main elements. The first being someone has to listen to them and  validate what they have been through.

The first element is that it happened.  The second is that it caused pain and trauma. (example) ” that sounded like it was challenging for you” or “i hear how painful that must have been for you.” This simple comment of validation and genuine compassion can be the difference of trusting oneself or a lifetime of self doubt..

Many times people go into therapy sheepishly saying i am not certain if i remember the event correctly or maybe it wasn’t that person who abused me…It doesn’t matter! if you have deep feelings around “the story” the details don’t matter…what matters is there are strong emotions wrapped tightly inside and wish to be unwound and let go of….the details; the truth? isn’t relevant.  Truth consists of many layers and always fluctuates with each persons own perspective. It’s all different from one person to the next. I am not saying to go accuse someone of rape..when you are not certain, yet i am saying find a counselor or loved one,whom you trust to share what is buried deep with in. This is what is preventing your growth and development.

I want you to hear me clearly, This is not a process that involves going to the person whom you believed abused you this process is solely about healing oneself from within regardless of external feedback from persons involved..This can be done and has been..With less harm to all involved. Healing is personal…It’s about you and you alone…

When a neurotic behavior is apparent within oneself or one’s partner or friend..it is wise to first notice this is the wounds of the spirit and the behavior is merely the mechanism to get through the moment. If we could wait before ‘judging or defining’ and see that one or self is in pain. With a bit of compassion we can remember and accept the times it was us or another going through something too painful to feel or be conscious of.

I have found it is best not to try to fix it, deny it, force it into hiding or try to change it.. Just allowing this to..to come up..be witnessed and pass..will give it the space and healing we need to be more present and whole.

So when that significant other is pushing your buttons or your patience is expired..remember this is merely a reflection of our own pain from one time or another and even though its their turn to express it it is always a review for self.

I recently spent time with a longtime couple that is having problems with in there relationship.

I felt compassion for both of them. It felt as if each of them were taking turns saying comments that were hurtful or unsupportive to the other. I could see as the comment was flung how the other would wince slightly as if they took a hit..And i would hear each of them trying to share something new about themselves or what is going on in there life with the rest of the guests, yet the partners couldnt hear the others intention all they could respond to was that they were rejected.

This is an example of the reflection and looking glass being in its most trying yet most powerful acts.

When a couple is in a state of toxicity. This means feeling responsible to the other and continuing to do routine yet not feeling appreciated or heard or even met by the other and therefore; acting out in an uncaring way to the partner.

write yourself a reminder that this is merely a reflection to learn from..either to learn tolerance or forgiveness of yourself or the other.

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If God were with you when you woke up this morning would you recognize it?

This morning just before i woke up, i was still slightly in a sleep state yet awake. I had an immense feeling of being ” in love”. My initial instinct was to try and see what “he” looked like. Was is some one new? was it the man i have been with the past two years, and maybe a purer experience was happening?

I realized i couldn’t see anyone, so i just took a deep breath and laid there absorbing this tremendous feeling and trying to memorize it. As i became more conscious in a waking state the vision/experience went away.

Just feeling this brief moment of pure love..be it a dream or a vision of my future; i felt tremendous loneliness that i wasn’t aware of having before this ‘dream’.

How could one know what they want if they never had it before? Yet i felt it and it felt real and Big..I wanted more of it. Naturally i thought it had to do with a guy..

I was enlightened, as if one of my angels gave me this ‘gift’ this morning as a new perspective.

I proceeded to get up and feed my puppies and play with my dogs all being a typical morning routine. Part of my daily habit is meditating in front of my screen door looking out onto my deck. It is very peaceful and there are many birds singing and the wind gently blows on my skin. The best part of this ritual is my dogs; 2 grown and 2- 14 week old puppies, all Caviler King Charles spaniels; they all settle in and eventually after a bit of wrestling or chewing on my slippers, they climb up onto my lap and snuggle-in to sleep.

As i sat there feeling gratitude for my life, for the day, for my daughter, my house and for my new wonderful class of students i am teaching this week; i looked down and saw the puppies on my lap and the big dogs along side me and i sighed, and felt the preciousness of the moment. the innocence, the trust, the love flowing from and to all of us.This was the same purity i first awakened with this morning and now here it was.

So this morning i did recognize God, and it was with my ‘pack’ of dogs, and today, i belong. So the love of God comes in many forms, sometimes partners, children, nature, friends and yes pets…

Be aware that our expectations of what we think God and Love and so many things look like and ‘should’ feel like are in reality exactly what is keeping us from just ‘feeling’ and Being with the moment..To recognize what is ….instead of what we want.

God is with us always…


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What if you knew you had only a short time left to live?

This is a potent question. The Buddhist say contemplate death daily and never waste time. I do a journaling exercise with my students asking what if we have a short time to live how would we live each day and what would be different?

Recently while contemplating my life, i asked myself if i were going to die soon would i have any regrets? My answer was, i would regret that i didn’t write more. That i haven’t finished one of the two books i started years ago. So here i am; writing about that feeling inside, that underlying voice of discontent…

I feel the greatest goal in life, is having maximum amount of energy and utilizing the body to it’s fullest, highest capacity; as well as; taking optimum care of yourself in order to achieve this.

when i counsel clients that have unresolved issues from there past, i find that fatigue is one of the main physical symptoms.

it takes an enormous amount of energy to repress/ hold down or ignore that inner voice. the energy is takes to continually keep your hand out (so to speak) to make certain nothing ‘bad’ surfaces..This is the energy you would naturally have access too. This is your birth right in a sense. To feel fully alive and clear.

The periodic contemplation of looking deeply at what isn’t being addressed or attended too (usually oneself) is as necessary as changing the oil on your car every so many miles..

For me personally and looking at many close friends, the pattern is to find a partner or family member or friend who is really screwed up and don’t forget…doesn’t want to change! and put all of your time and energy on them so you will have no more ‘juice’ to work on yourself; your health, your energy, your life purpose….Yes i am guilty here too…And i will say…i do ‘wake up’ after a while of personal neglect and finally come back to my ass-draggin self and begin a new…

I start by writing this article. Thanks to one of my students who gently commented she liked my stuff yet there wasn’t much written lately….so the little voice of hers, triggers the loud inner voice of mine…..thank you..you know who….and i want to thank many of my loyal readers from the past, as stupid as it makes me sound; i had a friend teaching me all of this blogging stuff.  Initially i was writing regularly then i couldn’t remember how to check on comments…so sorry for my ignorance..anyone wanting to comment directly feel free to write me @ samana@spaluna.com  That i know how to check…

Ok back to this point…all this is, is another worthy tool…assess where you are at right now:

  • do you have all the energy you need to perform your daily life?
  • do you laugh spontaneously and often?
  • are you as healthy as you choose to be?
  • have you used ‘ruthless self honesty’ to ask is your character and actions something to be proud of currently?
  • do you have free time just to breath and feel gratitude?

If any of these are answered with a “no” then..do the writing. buy a journal..give yourself the time you deserve and take responsibility for what your life is right now. And more so what it can be…

Recognize that as human’s we are all compassionate and nurturing yet when we are straying from our own path, how is it right in God’s eyes or our own to focus on another person’s life with the exclusion of our own? this is called a ‘mechanism’ another psychological pattern to not do your own growth and personal work..life is too short to waste it on someone who doesn’t want to change. look at all the worthy people that truly want to change and have no idea how. No resources or friends to help.

My advise is first’ look at yourself in the mirror ‘ as Micheal Jackson sang (i believe it’s his birthday today?) and if you are in balance and at peace, happy then take a moment and look around and see who can use your words of wisdom or a hug. I asked God, ” Is this person for me to help? and in what way am i to help?” and i wait for the answer or gut feeling and then i proceed.

As a healer all these years i learned the hard way  that so many people need help, yet unless you are strong first, what good are you and also I have learned to ask God what spirit wished from me, not my own ego that may feel better about myself… You will learn to create healthy boundaries and will learn the difference if spirit directed or ego based.

Call a friend or family member you trust and ask them for honest feedback. Ask them what is or were your best qualities a time ago? see if you have drifted “off the mark”.

Did you know that is the exact translation of the word “sin”..it means “off the mark”…(just a side note of trivia)

Time to realign.Let’s do the WORK..Journal exercise #1………

Write if you had 5 years left to live what would you do differently?( or what would you not do? who would you not tolerate? what would you add to your life regularly?)

The next topic is if you had 3 months left what would you do in the time left?

An alternate exercise from one of my favorite meditation teachers; George Kinder. Journal exercise#2..

First write a paragraph on if money wasn’t a factor what would be your wish list? how would you want to live? where? etc? Dream Big!

Second..The doctor tells you , you have five years to live and in no way will your physical/mental capacity diminish just somewhere around the 5th year you won’t wake up. (and included in that there is no cure so no time is wasted with that issue). So the question is What do you want to do? where do you want to travel? write? learn a language? dance? paint?what do you have to do so you will not have regrets?

Third..Is doctor tells you , you have 24hours left. Who do you spend that with and how?

Enjoy the exercise..it’s guaranteed to bring a tear and a change of life…

Blessings Samana

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